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This is a CONFEDERATE 20TH TEXAS REGIMENT FLAG. It is NEW. It is SEWN. In the 1860’s, Texas was on the edge of America’s western frontier, closer to the Pacific Ocean than to Washington or Richmond. Most Texans at the time had strong attachments to the Union they had just joined in 1845. Even so, having won independence from a distant central government less than 25years earlier, the cause of States Rights had strong appeal to the people of Texas.Texas volunteers were recruited and organized by Benjamin McCulloch and John Ford, both veteran Texas Rangers, and approximately ninety thousand Texans saw military service. Interestingly two thirds of them were deployed in the southwest – defending against Native American Indian attacks and repeated attempts by the Union to invade Texas.In spite of being effectively cut off from the rest of the south by blockade of the Gulf of Mexico and the Union control of the Mississippi River, the limited number of Texas units that saw action in the major battles in the southern states earned a distinguished reputation for being among the most effective forces serving in the Confederacy.This flag, used by several groups of volunteers from Galveston – the largest city in Texas at the time of the war and center of commerce for all of the south to the west of New Orleans – elegantly captures the value Texans placed on their liberty. It is COMPLETELY SEWN. This Flag is made from 100% COTTON. It has a Cotton Canvas Header and Brass Grommets. The Fly is Double Stitched. The Flag Size is 3 Feet by 5 Feet. This Flag is BRAND NEW and NEVER USED. It is Excellent Quality and is Correct in All Details. We DO NOT stencil, iron on or glue on flag components as some others do. Beware of cheap imitations. Our flags are COMPLETELY SEWN. This is a Great Flag for Reenactors or any Civil War History Buff. It makes a Great Gift.

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