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Why Phoenix Rising Exotic Ammunition?

Phoenix Rising Exotic Ammunition is the largest selection of specialty ammunition in the world.

We have been in the firearms and ammunition industry for over 40 years.

All of our ammunition is MADE IN THE U.S.A.

All of our ammunition is made using all new Factory-Made components. We Do Not Use homemade components in any of our rounds as many competitors do.

All of our loading facilities are fully licensed. No basement or garage reloaders here.

All are professional loaders with many years of commercial loading experience. We do not use part time college students as workers like our competition does. When your sales and your customer’s safety and security depend on quality ammunition, who do you want loading yours? A professional company or a part time student?

We stand behind our ammunition and replace any round found to be defective. Our competition does not guarantee their products and will claim you as a customer have altered the rounds causing them to be defective. They will not accept returns of defective merchandise. We can show you hundreds of their rounds that are defective or unsafe when they were produced.

Our rounds are all developed and tested extensively in a professional lab and range environment before they are ever released for sale. We do not produce non-functional or unsafe rounds for sale, just because someone on YouTube shot one. Shining examples of these rounds are:

Drone Rounds,

50 Cal BMG Shotgun Tracer Rounds. The most unsafe and non-functional round made.

Felcehette Rounds with reversed flechettes

Ball and Chain Rounds with improperly made projectiles.

Underpowered rounds that leave wads, shot cups or even projectiles lodged in the bore when fired.

Incendiary Rounds with electrical box knock outs glued, yes I said glued to the front of a standard cheap lead slug and painted with ignition paste which will only spark.

API Slugs with electrical box knock outs glued, yes I said glued to the front of a standard cheap lead slug.

AP Slugs that are cheap lead slugs with electrical box knock outs glued to the top. Once again, yes, I said glued.

AP Slugs that are steel dowels with a homemade sabot. It doesn’t fly straight.

How do we know this? We were the competitor’s largest customer for years until we could not abide his business practices any longer. All of the examples listed above were tested in our lab facility and those were the results.

If price is your only criteria for purchasing, please buy from the competition. Our pricing is the same in most cases. We are cheaper in some cases and slightly higher in others, but our variety and quality are unmatched. The lure of a cheap price fades quickly when ammunition is faulty or does not perform as described. What’s in your gun?