Dealer Guidelines

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Dealer Guidelines 

We do not require dealers to commit to and sign a contract as our competitors do.

We do not restrict or assign territories to dealers, but we require that in circumstances where two dealers are at the same event, they abide by the pricing structure in this wholesale list.

All labels and packaging may not be changed. All items must be sold in original package and label. Unless you wish to package your own.

MAP is the minimum selling price for the item. No products may be sold below MAP.

All orders will have shipping charges via UPS only.

Dealers may not reduce prices in order to undersell another dealer.

Dealers may not infringe on established dealers in a given area.

The number of dealers in a given area is limited and is determined by Essential Gear Outfitters.

The eligibility of a dealer is determined by Essential Gear Outfitters.

All products must be purchased in the required quantity to qualify for wholesale pricing.

There are no additional discounts on products. All dealers have the same price structure.

Any dealer not abiding by the guidelines will be notified and if the problem continues, their dealer status will be terminated.

We do not charge for products until they are ready to ship. When the shipment is ready you may pay by card, check or certified funds. Dealers do not have to prepay for an order and wait for it to be produced.

We ship all orders from a master inventory and there is no waiting for the order to be manufactured.

We do not charge backordered items. Any item on backorder can be billed and shipped when the item is back in inventory or can be canceled and reordered at a later date at the preference of the dealer.

Please direct all questions and inquires to the below address:

Phoenix Rising Exotic Ammunition / Essential Gear Outfitters 

307-431-9710 Cell
505-425-9559 Office
P.O.Box 2944
Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701